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Does anyone know the correct values for the variant inventory policy field? We are new and trying to upload inventory via csv. I keep getting an error that the variant inventory policy is missing. The manual at doc.shopify says the values are "deny" to stop selleng when inventory reaches zero, or "continue" to keep selling even if it reaches zero. We want to keep selling since we make to order, so I put value at "continue". I tried changing it to "deny" and it imports fine. But will not work with "continue". Also tried "allow" since I saw on youtube that this was the other value but it did not work. 

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Hey Jenni!

Nicholas here, a Shopify Guru

The Variant Inventory Policy is the column which tells the theme how to handle orders when inventory levels for a product or variant has reached zero. Valid values are "deny", or "continue". "Deny" will stop selling when inventory reaches 0, "continue" will allow sales to continue into negative inventory levels.

Some things to note when using this field: Are you entering an inventory quantity for the products? It might be a good idea to se the inventory to a level which matches the policy here. Have you moved and of the columns order, or renamed any columns? The formatting of the CSV file must match the example CSV, linked below.

If you'd like to submit a support ticket, we can take a look at the exact errors you are seeing in the email import confirmation email, and go from there. Submit one at the below link :)

Sample CSV file: https://docs.shopify.com/manual/products/import-export#get-a-sample-csv-file

Shopify Support & Help Centre:https://docs.shopify.com/support



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Hi Nicholas. Thank you for your reply.

To answer your questions:

"Are you entering an inventory quantity for the products?"  I was entering a quantity of 1 and then setting the the policy at 'continue'.

" It might be a good idea to set the inventory to a level which matches the policy here." I am not sure what you mean here. 

" Have you moved any of the columns order, or renamed any columns?" No I have not altered the names or order.

" The formatting of the CSV file must match the example CSV, linked below." That is where I got the file that I am using.

"Valid values are "deny", or "continue". " I set the value at 'continue' with a qty of '1' and received an email as follows:

"Shopify successfully completed your batch import.

0 products successfully imported.
0 existing products ignored.
1 products failed to import.

Line 2-10: Validation failed: Inventory policy is not included in the list"

So 'continue' is NOT a valid value as I am being told.


I changed the policy value to 'deny' and the product imported successfully.


So if I set the inventory quantity at a very high level like '40000' then it should behave as if I had set the policy at 'continue' (or whatever the actual valid value is, since it clearly isn't 'continue'.



Brian (Jenni's husband)

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I'm wondering if it possible to set the inventory policy to something else.  When there is no inventory I want the customer to click on a link to send them elsewhere.  Or can I turn the "add to cart" button into something else when there is not inventory only for a certain vendor...?

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Hi Nick.

Is there a reason why if they are set to deny and the inventory sells out that the Shopify system would ignore this and continue to sell items as it is doing on my account?