customcat integration with shopify

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Hey Folks,

Attempting to complete set of my store with customcat integration.  I've watched several online tutorials on the subject to help me through and many have been very helpful.  Most emphasize the ease and shortness of time it takes to setup and launch your store, ie. get shopify, get the pod app, upload your designs and presto you're ready to go.  But on the backside there're still many setting that must be addressed.  One of these that has me stumped is shipping rates.  I'm simply trying to determine what they are for customcat (both domestic and international) and even if I need to plug them in myself since they handle all of that themselves.  Their site examples are a bit confusing to me because on the one hand they illustrate a fixed domestic rate system but then they show rates based on the number of items ordered and so on.

I'd greatly appreciate feedback from anyone utilizing customcat on this matter.





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