deleted products still showing in instagram shop

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Hi Peter,

I am having some problem with the prices that I have updated on Shopify not updating on FB and instagram. 

Could you please advise on this as it will cause unnecessary confusion on my customers part. 

Thank you!

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The problem is the catalog for many of us is no longer showing in Facebook, it’s hidden so we cannot even find it to delete it.

It is not related to Shopify it’s purely a Facebook/Instagram issue as mine is linked up to my old Etsy shop which no longer exists.

Has anyone gotten anywhere with Facebook? I’ve had zero response ☹️
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I'm not a Shopify user but I recently encountered the same problem described in this thread. I've managed to resolve it with the help of Facebook support, so I wanted to pass along what transpired in the hopes that it would be of use to one of you as well:


I recreated my Facebook shop several times over the past several months in order to switch between redirecting users to an external site to complete their purchases, or messaging me directly.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, recreating the shop did not delete the catalogues or product listings I had created and although I could no longer see them, they were still there.  This came to my attention when I recently attempted to set up an Instagram shop.  When asked to choose a product source, those outdated catalogues and listings were present.  I knew they weren't the ones I wanted to use, but I made the mistake of tagging an Instagram post with one of those products for the sake of seeing which external site it was linked to.  After satisfying my curiosity, I was then unable to remove that product from my Instagram shop.  Trying to resolve that matter led me to this thread.

I visited the following link: mentioned in this thread.  Live chat was unavailable at the time, so I opted to send an email.  This was what I said:

There are two product catalogues that were associated with earlier versions of my Facebook business page which I would like to delete; they contain outdated products, links, and information. Unfortunately the two product catalogues in question are no longer visible via the Business Manager, but they do show up on Instagram as "product sources". I would like to request that they be deleted manually from your end. I cannot see their codes but one is titled "Products for Hiriwa NZ" with 23 products, and the other "Products for Hiriwa Digital Art" with 31 products (screenshot attached).   Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to assist with carrying out my request.

Their reply was this:

We can't support your request for your Instagram account. You can visit the help center for support:

I responded with the following:

Thank you for your reply. I am not requesting support for my Instagram account, I only provided the screenshot from Instagram as evidence of the invisible catalogues in Facebook. I created the catalogues through Facebook for my Facebook business page. I was forced to recreate my shop in order to change the option to either link to an external site or request visitors message me to place an order, which is how the two catalogues in question came to be. Recreating the shop, however, did not delete the catalogues and they are still present though inaccessible to me, which is why I am requesting they be deleted manually. I have visited the help center and several other websites in search of a solution to this issue and came across a thread with several other people experiencing the same problem. The only one who was able to resolve it had Facebook support delete the catalogues from their end.

Sensing I was going to get nowhere through email, I opted to return to in the hopes that the Live Chat option was available.  It was, and here is what followed:

  • Me: I recreated my Facebook shop three times in order to switch between allowing the customer to purchase from an external website, or messaging me to place their order. Recreating the shop did not delete the product catalogues, unfortunately, so I am requesting they be deleted manually from your end since I can no longer see them.
  • Jona: I duly understand how this might have left you with some uncertainty, but rest assured I would certainly assist you with this. Before we go any further, to help you best to solve your issues as well as providing best solution, is it okay for me to ask you a few question?
  • Me: Of course [verification of my account took place]
  • Jona: Thank you for confirming. As you have mentioned that you are unable to delete these Catalog. From our end, we are unable to delete these however let's check why you are unable to see these catalog. There should be an option to delete them. Can you help me with the screenshot of this page
  • Me: This page displays the two currently active catalogues, each with 14 products. The two which I cannot see but are still there have 23 and 31 products respectively. [I attached a screenshot for Jona]
  • Jona: Thank you for sharing the screenshot. Can you confirm where can you see the catalogs that has have 23 and 31 products?
  • Me: This is a screenshot from Instagram which lists the two catalogues I created on Facebook. If I select either of those catalogues I can see all the products and the old outdated details, links, etc, but I can no longer access them through Facebook to delete them. [I attached a screenshot for Jona]
  • Jona: Noted on that. Kindly allow me to check and revert back to you on this in 3 - 5 minutes. Please be advised that in the mean time I will be away from the chat, will answer you once I get back.
    Jona: We appreciate you waiting.  Upon further checking, these catalogs might not created under your account. These might be Catalogs that you have permission and shared by different account. And may I ask if you have a Business Manager?
  • Me: I do but I haven't used it until recently. The product catalogues were created through the Facebook business page directly rather than the business manager. No one else has access to these accounts, only me.
  • Jona: That's weird. All Catalogs should be in the Catalog Manager. May I confirm if these Catalog on the screenshot provided in your Catalog Manager are the new and update ones?
  • Me: The first screenshot I sent you is of the current catalogues: one is for my Facebook business page and was created using the Facebook business page directly; the other is for my Instagram page and was created using the business manager. As a side note, I deactivated some products from the Facebook business page a few weeks ago and while initially listed as "not visible to the public", they have since disappeared completely. I didn't bother me as I don't need them back, but it's possible they too are still present even though I can't see them.
  • Jona: I understand. Thank you for sharing this information. I might need to further check from our Internal team what is the best that we can do. There might be some updates that may cause this issue. This may take a while so can we update you via your email?
  • Me: Yes please, I appreciate anything you can do to help with the matter as I'm at an impasse myself!

We then transitioned to emailing.  Jona was very prompt, and within 24 hours I had an update from the him:

I certainly understand the concern and importance of this matter. We need additional information for us to further investigate,could you please help me with the details below for us to further investigate the issue:
1. Providing the IG handle
2. Providing a screenshot of the products that they are still seeing and want to be remove
We will wait for the confirmation from your end and will immediately start the investigation and provide necessary information.

I provided the requested information and screenshotted all the products I could see [only one of which was tagged through Instagram].  Jona's reply the following day was music to my proverbial ears:

Our team has reviewed your issue and based on the review, we were only able to see 1 product in your Instagram Shop tab. The product (XXXXXXXXXXXX7604) belongs to the catalog (XXXXXXXXXXXX927).

Please either delete the products individually from the catalog (XXXXXXXXXXXX927) or delete the catalog (XXXXXXXXXXXX927). To delete the catalog (XXXXXXXXXXXX927), please go to your Catalog Manager under Settings Tab >> Delete Catalog.

If you are not able to access the catalog (XXXXXXXXXXXX927), please use this link If you are unable to access it, please provide a video showing yourself clicking on the link and the screen that pops up after that.

I wasn't able to access the catalogue through the manager as it was still invisible to me, however, the direct link Jona provided did provide access and I was then able to delete the catalogue.  As a result, that catalogue disappeared from Instagram as a "product source", and the product that I had made the mistake of tagging also subsequently disappeared.

This still left me with one invisible catalogue, but since I had not tagged a product from my Instagram shop with it, it was not causing any problems.  Also, judging by the process the internal team went through on my behalf, Jona would likely not be able to see the remaining catalogue unless I repeated my earlier mistake of tagging an Instagram post with a product from that remaining catalogue.  I decided not to risk that as I was elated to have my issue solved and didn't want to tempt fate.  I have left the remaining invisible catalogue where it is; since I now know the complications that can arise from using it, I will of course never touch it again.

I thanked Jona and his team profusely and mentioned that all of you were also experiencing the same issue.  I asked what he would recommend you do, as you are being told it is an Instagram or Shopify issue and that Facebook support can therefore not be of assistance.  How would he suggest you proceed in order to receive the same consideration he had graciously given me? This was his reply:

As you said there are other people who are dealing with the same situation so we would request you to provide them the below link so that they can directly contact us and we can do the needful after validating the required details. It is because we can assist only those advertisers who reach out to us and have sufficient role in the asset.

Please feel free to initiate a chat support session at the following link:

Almost comically, after everything was resolved, I received a response from the original support request I had made through email:

I understand your request, however because the Catalogue is only connected to Instagram, and none of your Business Managers, we are unable to remove it.

Well... beg to differ, as my issue had literally just been resolved by Facebook after Jona and his team put more effort into resolving my request than the email support person did.



Based solely on my own experience, I'd suggest visiting and talking to someone via Live Chat.  Tell them the same thing I did: you created catalogues through Facebook which you can no longer see or access but need to delete.  Don't mention Instagram until you're asked where you can see these invisible catalogues, just in case someone reacts like the email support person did and shuts down immediately.  To my delight, Jona didn't even blink when I mentioned IG and he was clearly aware that the problem was on Facebook's side.  Also keep in mind that only the product I had tagged on IG could be seen by Jona and his team, which was how they could track down the offending catalogue; the other remained unavailable to them.  Simply having invisible Facebook catalogues apparently isn't traceable unless you've used them to tag products through IG.

That's it; I hope this helps some of you with your own problems!

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Thanks for sharing your detailed experience and recommendations.  

The last time I reached out to Facebook, they said it since the Product Catalog was linked to and belonged to Shopify Business Manager ID they did not have authorization to delete or further assist me as they do not provide support on Third Party integrations.  I had reached out to Shopify Support but they could not assist in deleting the products or catalog either.

However it's worth giving your method a try.  (Hopefully they will not turn me away after seeing that the Catalog is tied to the Shopify Business Manager ID.)  Thank you

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This is a major issue and hurts us as small businesses massively. I'm dealing with the same issue for months now. 

You have to contact Facebook through Facebook business manager on the fully right there is a  "help button" or "?"  question-mark symbol. Click on it. Then read carefully you will see contact support team. Depending on the time, entering an issue will either send an e-mail or open messenger to exchange directly with someone from Facebook concierge support team. That person will have no idea of what he or she will be saying so be sure to show proof of the bugs that are occurring. 

Have clear proof that you deleted all catalogues. Don't mention that you have connected your Instagram with Shopify in the past because Facebook will say it's Shopify's fault and that they have an existing internal catalogue, then Shopify will say that the bugs are occurring on Facebook so Facebook should solve it. Long story short, none of both platforms will be working towards helping us from themselves. 

So be sure to have as much proof as you can. Eventually if they still insist its Shopify's problem try to open an email with Facebook and Shopify technicians in CC so they can tell themselves that there is a bug and they have to solve it together.

Good luck, hope someone can manage to fix it ! 

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I'm having the same issue. It's gone on for weeks. Shopify support advised me to contact Instagram. I've messaged Instagram 6 times and haven't received any response.

We seem to have 2 catalogues showing in Instagram settings, but the only way to delete is supposed to be via Facebook. However, the second catalogue simply doesn't exist in my Business Manager. I'm going round in circles. Meanwhile, out of 172 products, only 17 are showing on Instagram and some of those are discontinued, some have incorrect prices, one even says it's on sale when we don't even sell it anymore!

I appreciate this is an Instagram/Facebook issue but Shopify have much more influence than individual users, and we're being ignored. This is obviously not an isolated problem, and I feel Shopify need to take it up with Facebook on our behalf.

Meantime, I can't use paid advertising or use "swipe up", or even hide my Instagram shop while this gets sorted out. So my customers are wondering why they're seeing cheaper prices on Instagram, and why it's showing them items that are no longer for sale on my website. Absolute disaster for my marketing, just as we've relaunched after lockdown.

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Where can I find the FB chat?

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To those experiencing this issue, contact @fawwnder on Instagram, that's my personal account. Let's try finding out if we use and same apps, integrations, settings or anything that can help forward.

As this issue is not experienced by every single Instagram / Shopify user helping to know where it came from can help forward. 

PS, i've also assembled a giant amount of screenshots from both Facebook and Shopify which can be used as evidence.

Contact me !

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Well... I only realised today that just because FB shop is working correctly , the IG shop should also be the same !!!!.... so i chatted with Fb and Shopify and here is the outcome

Finally understood that I have 3 different catalogue feeds happening automatically from Shopify to FB. You will find this under FB Business Manager - Catalogue Manager.

Cat 1 - Turns out that KIT CRM makes its own Catalogue feed.

Cat 2 - Shopify has a master feed catalogue.

Cat 3 - Set up This cat is where Shopify expects you to delete older products so that they dont show on Fb or IG. - SO THIS IS WHERE YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM

However, all is still not fixed as Ig shop is still not showing all the new products that i have uploaded 3 weeks ago into my shopify catalogue. So my issue has been escalated for more tech help.

My non techy brain tells me that it seems to be a sync issue but I will wait for Shopify to fix. thank fully FB shop is working. 

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This is an accepted solution.

I believe I found the solution. 

1. On your mobile phone go to the instagram app. 

2. On your profile click “View Shop”

3. By your username at the top right corner you will see the settings icon - select it.

4. Then you will see all your old products and you can toggle “Hide” or “Show” by each one.

5. After hiding all the old products you will have an empty catalogue.

6. Try adding products again - you be able to select from your new catalogue

Problem solved