disconnecting Shopify Business Manager from my FB page

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I am having huge issues between my FB business page and Shopify Business Manager. I don't want Shopify Business Manager to own my FB business page. How do I disconnect the two and start over? Thank you

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I'm also encountering many issues.

Have been "in review" now for a few weeks? On a process that states a wait time of only 24-48 hours? Why Is it taking so long for my Shopify to appear on my FaceBook page?

In my commerce manager menu, under "shops", my facebook page is under "Inactive" status since February 23rd?

It states "0 issues" in a pretty green color with a nice check mark, but still inactive? ok??

Feeling a bit pointless to work on my Facebook shop or page at all at this moment. Been encountering many errors on Facebook as well, with no replies or resolutions to my reports there either. 

When I click edit, and click add collections the page just freezes and nothing happens so I exit the window. Roadblock after roadblock. No ease of use. Cant edit shop.