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Hello question a little technical to which I would REALLY like to be able to find a solution.
A 39.99$ product with a -40% discount code normally arrives at 23.99$ except that shopify rounded up to the next price (24€) and it all goes wrong in terms of the price paid by the customer.
I contacted them and they told me that in the code it is possible to display the price in.99.
If anyone can honestly think that would be great because it must bother a lot of people!
Nothing better to optimize sales and conversions.
Thank you in advance and have a good evening,




Do you have a link with an example product where we could take a look at what is happening?


Money filters might be a solution:

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Yes of course you can see it in the picture.
the problem is that normally the discount code reduction should withdraw $16 and not $15.99 hence the fact that I get to $24 at the final price instead of $23.99...