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Hi everyone,


I've recently setup a nice listing on eBay for my shopify products. I did this naively on the eBay platform so that I could setup a proper custom listing template with a nice design. I have also setup eBay as a sales channel from within shopify.


My question is, how can I import my manual eBay listing into shopify so that my orders and inventory get synced? It looks like the only way shopify support this is if you publish the listings from within shopify itself (which I don't want to do for the reasons mentioned above)


Any help would be much appreciated.



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You need to link your eBay account to Shopify. Click the button (+) on the right side of eBay in the section Add sales channel. Then, waiting for a Pop up appears and click Connect. Next, enter your eBay ID and password to log in to eBay.

You need to provide additional business information, including contact details, inventory details, or ownership details.

The next step is Configure your eBay policies for your listings on eBay related to your location, sales terms, and fulfillment. You should follow the default policies that eBay recommends because they do not want to deal with policy infringements in the future.

Now, you caneasily import your products from your Shopify store to eBay. Shopify gives you two options, which are “Review and publish all products” and “choose individual products”. then click ""save and publish"". You can also edit many aspects such as title, price, category, inventory,...

Fortunately, Shopify help you synchronize your inventory and order management between Shopify and eBay that the current stock available for sale on both sales channels are always the same. This sounds amazing.

If you need more Shopify tutorials or Shopify review all aspects as payment, apps, themes, security, ... I highly recommend this source 

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I think Shopify used to have a download from ebay option but doesn't seem to exist anymore. In any case if you use the ebay app then ebay has published instructions on how to sync your existing listings to your Shopify store: https://connectebay.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002018311-Link-Existing-eBay-Listings-to-Shopif...



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As per your query, it seems that you want to fetch your already listed items from the eBay marketplace to Shopify. For this service, you will be needed importer integration. That import your products with all the details from eBay marketplace to Shopify store. Then after you can start the automatic syncing of inventory & price from Shopify to eBay marketplace and for order syncing from eBay marketplace to Shopify store via the marketplace integration.

You can explore the Shopify app store for your requirement.

Hope you will find this answer useful