end of FreeGeoip - help!

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I currently have some custom coding the geolocates my customers to with the EU or outside the EU for VAT purposes.

The coding refers to this link: http://freegeoip.net/json/?callback=?

I've see that from July 1st Free GEOIP won't work anymore, can anyone point me in the direction of an alternative geolocation link that I can add into my coding?



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Hi Laurelin! There are a few apps that you could check out in the app store — try searching for "geo" / "country" / "redirect"... We went with this plugin some time ago because the reliablity / uptime of that freegeoip server was already pretty sketchy and it was a one-time purchase fee, rather than a monthly subscription: https://www.blackbeltcommerce.com/country-selector

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You can use our app Geo-IP Redirect Manager 


It allows you to redirect customers to the relevant store by detecting their IP address.  To comply with EU’s ban on geo-blocking, the app let your customers choose their store through a pop-up.  It does not add codes to your theme; adheres to SEO best practice, and Google would love the way you suggest localised content to your customers.


You're welcome to send me a message if you have any question.  Happy to assist.

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