facebook not allowing me to connect with shopify

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my shop has ALWAYS been connected to my facebook and instagram pages and I have never had a problem before. Recently the new facebook channel came out so i tried to connect it and it ruined everything! I had to delete the instagram app and the facebook app from shopify and now it will not let me connect and keeps saying "page is already associated with a commerce account and cannot be moved to a different business manager". I dont know what to do because i've deleted it off of everything I can think. Someone please help!

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I am having the same issue. I removed Facebook as a sales channel and reinstalled it. Anyone have the answer? It's always worked fine, and then with the new facebook sales channel thing, it's like it thinks it's already installed?  P.s. When I log into facebook, I get this error: "This catalog belongs to another business account. Please select a different catalog."

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I am also having this issue! Been through Shopify support which referred me to Facebook support. It's going on 2 weeks of daily emails asking me to screen record disconnecting my instagram and shopify and facebook from each other with no luck at all. 

Did you ever get yours figured out? 

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I'm getting the same thing with ECWID. I don't even use Shopify but when searching that error message: "This catalog belongs to another business account. Please select a different catalog." I found this page. So, most likely it probably IS a Facebook thing. And nobody is slower with support in the whole world.

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Hi @rach9756, @Samantha_Bird, @Courtney_Akers1 and @robertswilson!

I'm Miles from the Social Care team at Shopify. I'll be happy to help you out with this today. I want to note right off the bat, that this is certainly a Facebook error, so the suggestions below might not be the right solution for you. If they're not, you will need to contact Facebook support. You can find the easiest way to contact them at the bottom of this post.

This page is already associated with a commerce account and cannot be moved to a different business manager
This error means that you're trying to connect your Business Manager to a page that has already been connected through another commerce partner outside of Shopify. To resolve this error, remove the page from your business manager. You can follow Facebook's guide to do this. Once done, you can restart the Shopify process.

This catalog belongs to another business account. Please select a different catalog.
The page you're connecting belongs to another Business Manager. This could happen if there are more than 1 account acting as "admin" of a Facebook page among other reasons. If someone else is admin, contact them to make sure they have not created a Business Manager for the page. If they have, you'll need to connect the Shopify account through that person's Facebook account.

If there is nobody else connected, you will need to head over to business.facebook.com while logged into Facebook and click "Catalog". This will show you where the catalog is currently connected to. My suggestion would be to delete the catalog, then try connecting through Shopify (or your other commerce platform) again. Facebook has a guide to help you with this: https://bit.ly/3kDowoP.

Contact Facebook support
Below are instructions to contact Facebook Support. Please read through this carefully, as it explains when Facebook Support is available and why they may not be in certain circumstances.


  • Inquiries on rejected ads, billing and ad budgets.
  • Technical troubleshooting for advertising.
  • Suggestions on creating ads that strive best.
  • Sending through appeals (previously only available through an online form).
  • Disabled ad accounts.
  • Product eligibility and rejections.
  • Instagram advertising and business accounts and some product tagging errors.


  • Troubleshooting related to personal profiles.
  • Deactivated or suspended business pages (the merchant will not be able to access the live chat without one).
  • Creating an ad for the merchant.
  • Creating a Business Page.
  • Product syncing errors appearing in the Shopify Admin.

Merchants with an already existing Business Page on Facebook will be able to access the live chat service. (There have been some cases of live chat not functioning for all business pages, to resolve this, you may need to reach out to Facebook through email by filling out a form found through Facebook's Help Center.)

You can access the live chat service by visiting this link while logged into your Facebook Business Manager account.

To start, click on the "Find answers or contact support" button.

Like Shopify support, you will have to fill out the prompts for your specific questions and then click on "chat with a representative" if the documents are unhelpful or you wish to have live support.

Facebook Live Chat is available to merchants between 9AM EST - 11PM EST. You will not be able to access this support channel outside of these hours and will be prompted to get in touch with Support via email. Facebook does also shut off their chat feature when the capacity is too high, so the chat may appear unavailable at any time. You will see the following message and will have to try again later.

As an alternative, you can also fill out a support form here. You must be logged into Facebook for this link to work.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Please note, I work 7pm-3am EST (4pm-midnight PST), so if you require a more urgent response, I'd recommend contacting our live support team here: https://bit.ly/3i52f21.


Miles | Social Care @ Shopify 
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