fraud or not?

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a guy with an extremely common name

4 transactions on 2 different cards

latest transaction was cc via apple pay

3 of the 4 transactions triggered shopify risk alert

3 different ip locations, two were far from shipping destination

same shipping address,  an average suburban home.  billing address match shipping address

3 different emails were used for the 4 transactions

uses iphone/imessage 

sounded like a nice guy over the phone.


long version

Had a large order (large 3 digit) last week, shopify marked as medium risk probably in large part because the ip of the order is in europe.  Talked to the guy, who's name is extremely common.  he seems like a nice average small business guy.  asked him to pay cash and offered him a cash discount.  instead, he placed a larger order (small 4 digit) online with a different card and a different email address, same european ip location, and shopify marked this one high risk.  talked to him again, he said he'd redo the transaction with vpn turned off.  again shopify market as high risk although the ip address is just 20 miles from shipping destination.  refund all 3 transactions.  

texted him back and forth this week.  again, seem like a nice guy.  tried to get him to place an order with debit/cash which he initially agreed to but he placed another order with the same card he first used a week earlier, via apple pay.  the transaction was marked as from a different US location 200 miles from the shipping destination.  no shopify risk alert this time.


it's a bit bizarre but I can't tell if it's fraud or not.  if it's fraud, can he get billing address to match shipping address?  want to believe the guy.  How do I reduce the risk of being defrauded?