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Could I please get some help on how to optimize my store, it seems that I have a lot of files that needs to be improved as they have a lot of slowing down by them.


f.e. a vendor.js script or something is like 600+ kbs big, (seen from pagesspeedinsight)


Edit: I have also added a couple of lines of custom css that are blocking the rendering or something, is there a possibility to fix that custom css and place it somewhere that it doesn't block the rendering ? Thanks

I would really appreciate some help! Thanks in advance!

site url: artictures.com


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600kb for vendor.js is a pretty big script, but there's probably not much you can do about that (assuming it's a core theme file) other than make sure it's minified.

In a perfect world, theme developers would conditionally load scripts only on the templates they're needed, rather than put everything in 1 big file. Back in the day it was good practice to combine files into 1 giant file, but now with modern browsers and updates to http2 protocol it's better (you can have them only load on certain pages) + faster to load multiple smaller files.

For anything else, run your site through the Shopify Analyzer, that's a free tool my team built for the community to make it easy to find optimization issues (specifically for Shopify sites) and how to fix them. The scoring is also realistic, since it's geared for Shopify and based on over 1,000 Shopify sites my team has optimized.

I ran your site and didn't see anything drastic, just some small tweaks you could do. And your site loaded pretty quickly. So if you're looking to go even faster, I would check into your apps:

1) Analyzer your theme code to make sure there isn't any leftover app code (when you delete an app, it can't remove code from your theme if it had added it during install).

2) Conditionally load as much as you can (for example if you have an app or script in your theme.liquid file that is only loaded on the product page, make it only load on the product page, example {% if template == "product" %} code for that resource goes here {% endif %}.

After that, further optimization may be possible but also may hurt your conversion rate (assuming you're trying to get a higher google PSI score since you mentioned it, they want you to strip your site down to bare minimums, just like how Google AMP pages function).

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Because you are not familiar with IT so I'd recommend you use a Shopify speed optimization app, you can get one here.

Hope it helps!

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