help with abandonded carts please

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hey guys so i have been getting lots of abandonded carts about 1-2 per day and its soo frustrating because i am putting so much time money and effort into my online store. Im advertising with FB ads, and on my fb ads manager i can see i am getting about 4-5 add to carts per day AND a few people initiating checkout. So why are they stopping right when its time to seal the deal?! I have made every possible change needed to optimize my store, my clients are in latin america and speak spanish so i recently changed my payment provider to ebanx, and my store is primarily in spanish, i have trust badges, free shipping, there are no hidden costs or fees that get added during checkout. Is there any help somone might recommend?? the only thing i could think of is I changed my payment method to ebanx for processing payments in latin america, and i disabled my shopify pay.. does that have anything to do with it??? i figured id remove shopify pay and leave only the ebanx options to have less confusion during checkout, but now i want to use shopify pay again its not in my settings how can i bring it back?? please help!!

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