hi,i am new here, and i have 4 questions about products and bank account/ payment method

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hi, i am totally new here so blanket of my head now.. thank u everyone

Q1:  product

What if the products from Aliexpress is 1pic, but i want to sell a pack of 5?

means everytime the client ordered, i have to manually do the order from Aliexpress?

Q2: product

Is the shipping information is based on every product o every order?Like if the client buy 3 products and they are from different suppliers, then there will be 3 shipping information i can put them in every of the product?
Q3: payment usd o euros

The shop is for all the world, but my target clients are in usa. As now i live in spain, so all the payment shown in my shop is euors. Can i change it and how? 

Q4: currency

which currency i will get from the clients always? that will decide which bank account i will use.


Thank u guys.


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Hi, @Simba666!


I'm Miles from the Social Care team at Shopify. Welcome to the Shopify Community! I'll answer your questions in the four parts that you've asked them.


Ordering from AliExpress

If I'm understanding correctly, you're referring to selling products in a pack together. If so, you can only do this if the supplier has the product listed in a pack. If they only have single items, your customer would need to purchase the quantity that they prefer. When importing products from Oberlo, it's important you don't edit SKU's or the products may not sync correctly when purchasing.
It's also worth noting when a customer purchases something connected to AliExpress, you then have to manually order the product for the customer. If you're using Oberlo, you'll be able to do this from the order page but there are some requirements. This guide should help you work through that.



With shipping, you'll need to set a shipping rate that yourself. If the order contains products from multiple suppliers, then you'll be paying shipping for each of those suppliers. So this is something you need to keep in mind when choosing what to charge your customers, as they'll only see what you've set the rate at.

Customers love free or cheap shipping. So it might be worth adding the shipping cost to the product price instead of charging shipping. For example, if you're average shipping costs with Ali Express are $10, it might be worth increasing product prices by $3-5 to cover that, that way you don't have to charge shipping to your customers, and you're covering it still within the product price itself. We have a guide around setting shipping rates that you should also check out!


Changing your Currency

You can change your currency settings in Settings > General. If the option to change your settings is greyed out, then you'll need to contact Shopify Support directly, as there are some considerations that they will walk you through before enabling you to change your currency. You can only have one base currency, so we would suggest choosing the one where most of your customers are.

You might also be interested in multi-currency, which means customers can shop in their preferred currency. If you're using Shopify Payments, you can check out this guide on how to enable multi-currency, otherwise, you'll need a multi-currency app from the Shopify App Store.


Payment Currency

The currency you're paid in will be the currency selected as per the above instructions. This means, no matter what currency your customers pay in, you'll be paid in the store currency.


If you have any questions, please let me know by replying to this thread.



Miles | Social Care @ Shopify 
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thank u Miles.

thank u so much.

for the Q1 and 2, i think it's better for me to start first, when i already have that specific problem i will come to u

for the Q 3 and 4, problems solved, thank u 

and today when i continue, i found more questions.

it seems really not easy to start this business.

here is my sitation..i am from Asia, and now live in spain, the legal student stay here. so i dont know how to fill the blanket of VAT number.

As i try to search the information of the relevant things, i found this:


so does that means, i cant start this business here as a student visa o even when i go back to china?

thank u