hiding & disabling the discount code box?

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I'd like to turn off discount code entry box and hide it.

This seems to be the new checkout, the liquid snippet I had in the past was for an older version of the checkout system.


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Jeff, 

Britton here with the Shopify support team.

The new checkout for Shopify includes several options for customization but has removed the ability to directly influence the CSS of the checkout. This was done so that we could create a new checkout process that is optimized for conversions and for standardization purposes (so we can push through updates without breaking your checkout). 

As a result, certain things on the checkout are now not editable unless you are on the Shopify Plus plan. Removing the discount code entry box is one of this features which is not removeable.

I hope that clears up the change for you and provides some insight into the process!


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Well, OK, I just hate having my time wasted by people that ask for a discount code just because the box is there. I don't want to be put into awkward situations like that.

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Doesn't the discount box only appear if you have discounts code in ..myshopify.com/admin/discounts

if that's not the case now let shopify know you want that feature 


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Almost everything Shopify is tagged "outdated." But this is a problem now, and I don't see any solutions anywhere. It seems to be impossible to get rid of that discount code box. I can't hide it with CSS, or even find it in the code.

All it seems to do is point out the deal you're not getting because there's really no discount code. How do we make it go away? I do we all have to make up bogus discounts to appease that discount box?

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So this is the dead end? There's really no way to remove the discount box? 

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It sucks, because for instance I have free shipping option over a certain amount, 45.000 chilean pesos.

Customers can add a discount code in the last page (payment page), AFTER choosing free shipping.

That means that if they have a 10% discount, and they insert the code in the last page, they can get free shipping for 40,500.

I found this incoherent to what happens in the previous page (shipping options), which is when the discount is inserted and the amount falls below the threshold, the free shipping option disappear.

This is a major bug to me...
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I agree with all complaints mentioned here so far. I am in quite a high ticket and high-risk industry with fewer high ticket clients as opposed to more low ticket. I'm also unable to offer any discounts at any time including holidays because I signed with my suppliers to strictly list at MAP 24/7 365 to protect their brands, which we want to do for the because they're excellent. But if a potential client becomes confused because of a silly discount code box that I can't get rid of, we all know that confused clients don't buy. And I can't exactly tell them that "my shop provider doesn't allow me to get rid of the discount box because blah blah blah." I value openness even if harsh, so frankly, they don't care. Our clients don't care if Shopify doesn't fix this or not, they will simply look elsewhere. And losing one sale a week for us has quite a massive impact on our bottom line.

Shopify, I've loved using you, but please do consider fixing this within the next month, because it's negatively impacting your users, and their clients as well. Some users will want a "download and done" solution. But for other users (ourselves included) who are in a slightly less common market and who sell high ticket unique products, customization is king, and this little discount box is really affecting us and how we can help the experience of our clients, and stop getting objections that we can't answer.

Thank you for your excellent support in the past, and will check back here for any resolutions to this or any Shopify Expert feedback. Cheers

- T

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Try adding this CSS Code to your Checkout.liquid file


.order-summary__section.order-summary__section--discount {
   display: none !important;


If you delete all your discount codes from your Shopify admin, the discount code entry box will be hidden. 

If you have Shopify Plus, you can delete the discount code entry box from your checkout.liquid file. 

Here's my blog post with images showing the fix: https://www.eddychung.com/how-to-hide-discount-code-field-in-shopify-checkout/