how to expand marketing to more countries

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my website is mainly serving the middle east area and i am thinking of expanding my market, i am planning to start selling to USA and Russia because i am sure that peopel there would love to buy my elegant items but i dont have any idea how to start, what is the best marketing channels and techniques? how can i get some analytics about people there? i know my questions are very general, but is there any resource that gives benifits? any tutorials around? 

by the way, i would love to hear your feedback about my website and if you recommend me to sell over there

your help is really appreciated!!

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Love the webiste! Super trendy and has a modern touch! Definitley feel it can do really well in the USA and in Russia. 

To scale into the USA I would reccomend starting with major cities first, New York City or Philadelphia for example. Use Facebook analytics to go through these areas and Facebook  AUDIENCE INSIGHTS can display all the stats! It can give you info on what population likes/ doesn't like/ interests/ etc.

When you have a good list of interests of your target fashionistas, try launching an ad in the New York City area and see where it gets you! IF you need more guidance and more detailed info shoot an email to us on and we can further help you out for free!


Hopefully that helped!

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Hello friend,

Website is great, navigation bar, classification and brand are perfect.Home page is attractive.Product quantity is reasonable,and the images of them are outstanding.

I see your website that your clothing are all 2017 new style right?

If you want to expand your market to US and RU,you have to do some ads and social marketing.I believe you have enough marketing experience in Middle East market and that will also help you to open US and RU market.And do not forget Europe is also a huge market.

You can use some tools to precise positioning your target population then display advertising to them. Do not waste your time and money in some aimless places,you can see many seller on Shopify are in this trouble-make a lot of ads,cost much but only a few traffic,no sales.

I am not a ads provider,I am an agent from China that can help you to fulfill your orders,control your cost and I have overseas warehouse in USA that could help you to ship from there and win more customers.I will set more warehouse in the future to help my customer to do real local sales.

My target is make your sales easier,efficient and more competitive.

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Best regards


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Your web design looks good and professional, congratulations! 

If you want to start doing marketing and selling on another country, the best options for you are Adwords and Facebook ads. Both are really good platforms and give you the option of targeting your ads by countries. 

I also suggest you starting shopping campaigns, it is proven that shopping campaigns have a really high ratio of conversion.

If you are interested on Adwords and shopping, feel free to check our app:

We will do all the work for you!

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thank you very much, i will take a look at your app :)

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thanks dear, appreciated ! 

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Along with your personal sight look into other selling channels like Amazon, EBay and Facebook to increase visibility 

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Hey there,

As others have suggested, Facebook and Adwords would be a good paid solution to expand into new markets. If you're looking for a free solution, check out the Ads app: 

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Hey, we have our evening dresses clothing manufacture in Moldova (russian speaking) and we were trying to get to middle east market. MAybe we can sell our dresses on your shop and i will help you with Russian market?

Waiting for your reply

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This works great for us at we go to deal websites like

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You can search for a lot of them, contact a member or an admin, ask to promote one of your product for a free product. You should be able to get a good number of orders from one post and you rinse and repeat. 


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