html in product name and problem with FaceBook view

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I'm totally new to Shopify. I want to have my product name in two lines. one of them (product name) bigger and a very short detail about the ingredients in smaller font. The good news is I did it with very simple html code:

<html><font size = "6"> Black Rose Tea </font><br> <font size = "1"> Black Tea, Rose Buds, Cardamom </font></html>

The result was exactly what I wanted (image 1).

The bad news is FaceBook does not read the html and they just read it as string (image 2).

Can anybody help me to keep my product name design as I want and have it like that in FB or probably other places as well.

By the way. Actually, I have problems with product names in invoices and shipping documents as well. In those I can see the html code. So, as you see there is no good news. All bad news.

Thanks everybody in advance.





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