i do i do mistake

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I make a big mistake.
i wanted to work with my online store offline to complete my tax documents and redesign the site to make everything look good to have organized start.
i searched shopify for an offilne option but there no option to make my store offline.
i make it to be in paused mode, and now i cant acces my admin page.
the reason i wanted to work offline was.
i dont want to start before all tax documents are completd. becouse the documents needs 3 or 4 weeks to be completed i thinkd during this period time ,the manage and to redesign my site,
my shopify is integrated with printful.
now one more problem .
after i was trying to contact shopify online support and i did't found the way to contact the online support.
i started a new free 90 day shopify with new email adrees. but.
i wanted to use the domane name for the new account ,, shopify asked me if i want to creat new domane or i want to transfer an existent domane. i select to tranfer existent domane .but its make thing more complecated this way..
Im Asking Shopify the help me to backstep pausing my store and let me to complete my 90 days free plan to have my time to make everything how it must be.
shopify can you stepback my pause mode to my online store please?
thank you !

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Hello, this is an issue which I would recommend you to contact Shopify directly on help.shopify.com/en 

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thank you .

i resolved the problem