im concerned about international shipping costs and how can i decrease them?

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hey hope you all are having a good day!,

i wanted some suggestions about shipping and help what should i do to reduce prices or sell products with expensive shipping rates (if there is no way to reduce shipping costs)

i live in saudi arabia and i have my own business and want to sell my own products but the shipping costs are like $20-$50 to most countries from here.

we sell dresses,skirt blouses and other clothing all designed by my sister and our prices are starting from 400 sar and up to 1000 sar ($106.63-$266.57),so i was concerned that customers won't pay more than $20 for shipping.

NOTE:we make dresses once we receive an order and the products prices are fairly priced or maybe cheaper than others

so what do i do about this? increase product prices and lower shipping?

i would like to get your feedback about our prices (dm me if you wanna see the products and give me your feed back)


In my suggestion, keep Shipping Charge less and try to add something more to your products pricing. As from the customers or buyers angle, Shipping Costs are something that they pay additional without anything. 

So always keep Shipping Less or make Shipping free over certain amount if possible.



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