im very anxious. No real sales for 3 weeks already. Spent $$ for adverts already.

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Any kind person who can assist and back me up on what is the right thing to do. I have my website online for 3 weeks already and then started fb advert for a week. FB ads manager says 3500+ impressions, 178 landing page views. Still no real sales. THe sales pop that is on my website are from my test buys and from a friend. Please help.


My site is


Thanks very much. :)

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First thoughts.
You can't expect sales from 178 visit, if that's what your saying you have had in total. We are talking thousands. If u can say yes to: A demand for these products? (Use Google search term reports) Right price point? Quality product content on your site? Etc. If these factors aren't checkmarked you might never get a sale.

Social media generally generate very very low amounts of direct sales.
Ad impressions is a worthless kpi to look at. Focus on Google Ads/ Google shopping and pure sales instead.

Homepage dosen't tell users what your business is about. Just deals.. Deals on what.. It's a key factor that users directly get this message so it must be very clear. First impression is that you also have gone way to broad in terms of your assortment. It's confusing.

The best practices lists for running a Ecommerce stores/digital marketing goes on and on.. It covers so many disciplines. It takes years to learn the full palet. I just pointed few things out.
Hope it helps :) Br Josefine

Congrats on launching your store! I love how you have a charitable side to the business.


I would recommend checking out your analytics (through both Shopify reporting and Google Analytics) and seeing where those 178 visitors got to. Did they get past the landing page? Did anyone add to their cart or reach the checkout? This will tell you very quickly at what stage your visitors are dropping off.


Depending on where the dropoffs are having will help inform you of where to focus your efforts. Feel free to comments back your findings if you like and I can see if I can provide any extra advice!


One final thought is to try and more closely target your customers. I can see you have quite a diverse range of products. From phone accessories to camping, and then an extensive section on patient care, there are a lot of products for entirely different people. It might be worth identifying which segment is going to be the most profitable or drive results for you and create a landing page specifically for those customers. You can then target the ads to those customers and get them to the specific landing page you have made with them in mind. I think that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Here are a few extra resources I found for you too!

Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck.


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I went through your store and social pages. I noticed that you're not much active on the social accounts. I would suggest you to be active on every social media platform and post on a daily basis in order to connect with more and more audience with proper caption and images. If you use appealing images and caption, it will ultimately attract customer's interest.

If we talk about Facebook Ads, you need to optimise the Ad on the basis of its performance. It's good that your ad has a good number of impressions and landing page view, but you need to check the unique clicks as well. You need to create engagement so that your visitor gets involved with your store. Unless the visitor engages with your business, the conversion rate will not improve.

If you still need any suggestion, feel free to connect with me!


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