integrating pending fulfillment into the shopify api

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according to shopify support, we need to build custom code so we can extract the pending fulfillment location for orders. currently there is no report within shopify that we can use to extract this info without having to go into each order and looking at each item individually? extremely time consuming and not practical. we use the app "better reports" to pull all of the other required info from  the orders but the pending fulfillment location is currently not available. any guidance here would be appreciated. thanks.


Hey Marcces,

The Order endpoint  contains the Location Id, which you could then match to each location.

Is this for reporting purposes only? If so, you have a few options:

  • Setup a Webhook when a new order is created, grab the location ID, and store that information in a custom reporting system.
  • Do an API call periodically (maybe daily, weekly, etc...) that grabs this information in bulk and stores it. 

Let me know if you need some help as I am happy to discuss further. Either reply directly or my contact information is below. 

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