inventory management and integration what do i use??

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I'm trying to figure out the order in which to use all these software platforms to monitor incoming inventory, inventory that has to be repaired before sold, sales channels etc etc...


first issue shopify doesn't directly add bonanza to the sales channel so i'm not sure if the app integration we are using will let shopify keep tracking inventory. Any suggestions?


We are attempting to use zoho inventory to process orders but zoho doesn't integrate with nearly anything at all.... so i'm trying to see if this format is ideal


zoho inventory/books --- > shopify ---- > amazon

                                                               ---- > ebay

                                                               ---- >  bonanza 

im not even sure im asking the right question here... 


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Hey Travisez,


There are lots of integration partner for Bonanza Marketplace and CedCommerce is one of the integration partners of Bonanza Marketplace  If you are looking for an integraton app that would integrate your Shopify Store with Bonanza Marketplace then you can try CedCommerce - Bonanza Marketplace Integration App ( )


You will be able to automatically sync prices and inventory between the two platform and also manage orders.


I hope the above information provided helps.



Karshit Bhargava

Karshit Bhargava
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