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Since customer service is no longer available due to covid 19.  Would anyone in shopify's community know how I can get my inventory to update when an order is placed..... I have some items which cannot be tracked in inventory, others yes.  For those that are listed in inventory and kept track of, how do we get the system to update it automatically when an order is placed?  Currently it doesnt do anything, I need to manually update it and it keeps selling the item when it is out of stock.   Remember now, NOT ALL OF MY ITEMS CAN BE TRACKED IN INVENTORY because some items get ordered at the time the order is placed and we do not keep inventory on all items.  


Hey @April_Feola ,

A quick fix for this could be to set the inventory balance for items for which you dont handle inventory as 9999 (or some big number). This would make sure that shopify has inventory details for all your products and hence the ones which you actually want to maintain inventory for will function normally. 

Let me know if this helps :)


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@April_Feola If your trying to keep seperate items who have different states of tracking(on/off) you will need an app to facilitate inventory syncing|pooling|automation.

For items that are not tracked , stock not updated is the natural consequence of that and is how shopify works any other logic automation you need beyond that must be done by an app or service.


Otherwise clarify your situation as the description is confusing, your implying that you have variants with tracked inventoy whose stock isn't updated with purchases which would be a rather large bug.


Review the documents and check your settings and fulfilment process


And double check that variants are setup properly

Either all variants


Or by specific Product ID

with 1234567890 being the product id



For services see zapier,integromat,etc

For apps see, or other inventory apps on the app store.


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