is it worth to run 2 websites simultaneously?

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Is it worth putting up two versions of your website but using two different platforms to see which responds better to customers?  Like I have a shopify store and was thinking of trying out WooCommerce? Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi @afatyan,

Hyde here from Shopify.

While you could do so, you are naturally doubling your work. You will have to create unique content for both websites to ensure you are not penalized by Google for duplicate content. You may also need to create separate analytics accounts to track the differences in traffic and purchases from your respective stores.

If you want to dive deeper into Meta and SEO, in general, there are two great guides here -


- Charles Floate - Ecommerce SEO Guide

- Matthew Woodward - Ultimate Ecommerce SEO Guide


You've done such a wonderful job on your current store, you'd probably do better to invest your time in upping your marketing and content strategy.

There are plenty of useful resources in this capacity that I'd direct you to. From our own Smart Marketing Funnel guides on our blog here to Neil Patel's guides here.


You're doing a great job with your blog and About Us page, have you considered influencer marketing? Podcasts are proving especially popular, have you thought about maybe having fun during this strange era by creating a podcast that is loosely connected with your brand? There's a guide to that here.

Are you also targeting the right people with your paid ads? There’s a really useful guide to creating customer personas here.


You should also keep an eye on some of these great blogs and podcasts to keep up with new trends in e-commerce

- Ezra Firestone
- Shopify Blog
- Unofficial Shopify Podcast


And finally here are 50 awesome apps that can take on various tasks for you and free up some of your time to build your brand!

- WeMakeWebsites - 50 Best Shopify Apps


All the best, Hyde.


Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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