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i bought an item on shopify store but in return was delivered wrong item.I managed to get in touch with store owner by email with no help saying item was correct item.Gave them the original photos of what was advertise on facebook by the owner of the store.Only things they wrote to me was the fault of there supply.After writting her 3 emails but so far going no where.I have asked them to send the original item or refund my money back.They done want to do neither of the two.Just recieved a email from the store owner asking me again for the photo of the item they have send to me.I have done that just now, but normally takes them two to three weeks to reply.Can someone help me as what else should i do. thanks 

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Hi @ugesh 

The first step I would take is to find out what the time limit is for requesting a chargeback on whatever payment method you used (bank card/credit card/PayPal etc.).

Although their responses may be slow and I know it is frustrating, as long as they are responding I would still pursue getting the refund/replacement via the merchant up until a certain point when you still have enough time to request a chargeback. If they cease responding, or continue making you jump through unreasonable hoops or repeat steps you already took, I would contact your payment provider to request the chargeback. Document all communication and the steps you took to attempt to get a refund and provide that as evidence. 

If the merchant is acting in a shady/fraudulent manner, you can also report them to Shopify here. However, that is only for reporting shops that violate Shopify's terms (such as fraud or copyright infringement). It shouldn't be used to report what just amounts to a bad shopping experience with a merchant. If they are simply providing bad customer service, I would recommend using online reviews, forums, etc. if you would like to share your poor experience.