language freaks use bizarre css

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I get this sentence *in english* in the search results page on my *french* site: bq. You[sic] search for "please let me translate this page or even better, make it liquid" did not yield any results So instead of talking to my French customers in English, I'd rather not say anything at all, and will do it like this:
#searchresults p:lang(fr){display:none;}
The dwindling IE crowd will see the English message, but bad service is their lot in life anyhow, though they don't know it. Oh - and to get rid of the search button that says "search" and not "rechercher" :
#searchresults form{display:none;}
and in theme.liquid:

{% case template %}
{% when 'search' %}
<form action="/search">

<input name="q" class="search" type="text" />

<input class="submit" value="va chercher!" type="submit" />

{{ content_for_layout }} {% else %} {{ content_for_layout }} {% endcase %}
hey ho, jump to conclusions! p.s. btw, the images in the search results are still not clickable (though they used to be)
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Christina, you are a genious. I can’t even keep up with all your hacks!!!! I want to implement them all in my brand new multilingual shopify empire, but you’re too quick. S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N.! :)

Just kidding…. thanks for all the great stuff you do, thinking out solutions to the problems I will have realized I have two days from now. :)

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hey Kati, thanks for the laughs and the ego-inflation :) !

I’m actually having way too much fun coding this stuff, – should really deal with marketing, so I can follow your imperial polyglot steps and maybe make the occasional sale or two. (what’s wrong with people anyway – don’t they roll around and experiment any more?!)

operation absurdist feature requests: terminated (