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Hello group

I was wondering if it was possible to create a Shopify store that focuses on Marvel, DC Comics, Fornite, Transformers and Funko toys/statues/collectible figures?

I have my tax ID and business license and also applied to a couple of distributors but I believe I will need a merchant license from each of these companies to be able to sell their products.

Does anyone know the process of obtaining licenses from these companies?

Thank you!
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This is a legal matter, I am not a lawyer and most that may respond here are also not lawyers.


A lack of business experience is okay everyones been there just be mindful of that inexperience when poking 800lb merchandising-rights-gorillas and the adage "if you have to ask then you can't afford it"


For awareness please seriously reconsider your business plan if your first instinct isn't talking to a lawyer when dealing with merchandise from a company like disney.

Then also consider why haven't you reached out to those companies directly.


Now then:

With proper licensing or positioning of course you can make such a store on shopify.


google: "companyname merchandise licensing"

research: reseller rights, first sale doctrine, etsy resellers, reselling funkpop, etc

get:  written authorization letters that your lawyer has reviewed

then no matter what be prepared for things like DMCA, or payment gateway refusal if your ducks aren't in a row



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