line item properties not displaying in cart/on checkout or getting saved

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I would like to have fields for customers to enter personalisations for customizable products. Using the instructions here: and using help from here:, I have:

- Created some templates for customizable products
- Included the following code for line items to the customizable product liquid files in the <form> tags as advised:

<p class="line-item-property__field">
  <label for="peronalisation">Personalisation</label>
  <input id="personalisation" type="text" name="properties[Personalisation]">

This works well and gets the fields to display when I use the customized templates.

Where I get stuck is ensuring that line item properties that have a value entered:

- get saved and sent through to me to fulfill the order when an order is placed (this didn't work when I tried a test order).
- display in the cart and/or on the check out pages to allow the customer to double-check their entry.

The steps I took to try and get this to work are:

- followed the instructions in to add the relevant code to the cart-template.liquid file.
- I am using the Debut theme and it looks to me like the code outlined in the instructions is actually there, but I'm not sure what I need to do to get it to display.

I'm hoping that I'm missing something easy, so any advice on this would be very greatly appreciated.


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Having this exact issue! I am using the Debutify theme. I managed to display the form field on the product pages but the info does not appear on the cart page or the checkout. It would be great if someone could address this! it's been 3 years and no answer to this thread.

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I'm having the same issue

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ok so the issue was the properties attribute should be the last thing in the input tag!

At first I had: <input  type="text" id="custom_name" name="properties[Custom Name]" class="text" value=""/> 

Then I changed it to <input class="text" value=""  type="text" id="custom_name" name="properties[Custom Name]" /> 

And the line item property started showing in the cart


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The order of the properties doesn't matter. It's interesting you saw a result but it's more likely to be unrelated to that change.

Line item properties not appearing is more often than not down to where the code is (eg, sitting outside of the form element) or how the add to cart action is processed (eg, via custom JavaScript that might ignore your custom fields).

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