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Ive just had someone bring my site over to shopify from woocommerce, without appreciating the issues with all SEO links already established...and new URLS being created by shopify


is there an easy way to keep current urls, or is it really not worth the hassle?

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Hey there,


You can't keep the URLs but you can definitely create URL redirects to map the old URLs to the new ones, more details here - https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/migrating-to-shopify/considerations#set-up-redirects

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Hi Toni,


Yes, it is advisable to redirect the old URLs to new. If you do not then over a period of time you will notice in Google Webmaster that there will be many 404 not found URL error will popup. Not only that but if one visits the website and go to an old page then one will have this 404 error which can lead to a high bounce rate.


It is recommended to do 301 SEO friendly redirection.


If you have already pointed the domain to Shopify and no longer have access of Woocommerce store then you may search old URLs in google search result in case if require and even after few days you will notice those not found URLs list in webmaster, you may copy those and redirect to right pages.


In short redirection is good for SEO and website visitors too.



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Hello there, You can use 301 redirect they are very friendly. While you are running migration from Woocommerce to Shopify, you can select this option as an additional option.. I know some provider give it for free if you choose their migration service. Find Woocommerce to Shopify Migration. Some top web having live chat are very useful you can ask them any question there. The service is also cheap and quick. Even you don't have tech skill, I am sure you can handle it well. Goodluck!


If you are migrating to Shopify from WooCommerce then 301-Redirects are an absolute must. Google requires 301-Redirects to retain your existing Rank/Equity. Here are some common assumptions that will get you penalized:

  1. Many people think that if they don't currently have any rank then they can skip this step. This is not true because all pages that are indexed do have rank. It might not be a good rank, but breaking all those existing pages and submitting the same content to Google is not the solution and will end with an even worse position. 
  2. Some people think that if you start over that you will have a higher rank by submitting a new URL to Google. This may happen initially until Google sees the duplicate content, and that you have a high number of broken 404 pages and eventually you will be in it worse than before. 

The best thing to do is to add the 301-Redirects and then once you're moved if you do not like your current rank and position then work on enhancing your content to jump up in the SERP. This is logical and can be verified easily by spending some time on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel where they talk all about this. 


If you need help with migrating your website to Shopify from WooCommerce or with your 301-Redirects, then reach out to us at Pelican Commerce anytime to learn about our Full-Service Shopify Migration Service. 

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Hi there, 

Basically you can't keep your old URLs after migrating to Shopify because Shopify has the default URLs and they don't allow us to edit the slug. Therefore, you can't keep your SEO URLs after migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify. 

The alternative solution to this is to use the 301 redirect service. Once you apply 301 redirect, your old WooCommerce URLs will be pointed to the corresponding Shopify URLs. You will be able to keep your Google ranking safe and your customers won't realize you have moved your store.

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