my website moves to another product when I click on another product

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Hi guys, 


I have a problem. There is this issue which sometimes (definitely not always) occurs. When you are on one of my collection pages, and you click on a product, the website will sometimes load a totally different product. Thereupon, you need to go back to the previous page and click at the desired product again. The correct product does load after clicking the second time, but it is still annoying.


This is no only happening on the collection pages; it also happens on the product page itself. Sometimes it does not seem to load for 100% and when you click on a button, it will automatically send you to another product on a different page, even though you were just clicking on the description... 


Does anyone recognize this issue and is willing to help me? I do not have any clue about what this could be. 


my site:


Thanks a lot, y'all!



Shopify Expert
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Hey Oliver,


I tried browsing your site, and everything seems to be working correctly on my end (I went into both your collections, and clicked into each product one-at-a-time). 


I'd recommend clearing your browser's history/cache/cookies and then browsing the site in an incognito tab to see if you can still replicate the issue. 


If you can replicate the issue, I would recommend reaching out to Shopify's support directly, for more help troubleshooting.


Best of luck! :)

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Hi Stephens, 


I recorded it and uploaded the vid to youtube, here you can grab a look: