/?noreview appears on some of store links

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When I was editing my store yesterday I noticed that the main page and one of the products had a wierd ending on the links (/?noreview) and loaded in a wierd way. What does it mean and how can I fix it? Thanks for the help.
The page is:  https://mysleepypets.com/?nopreview
The product page: https://mysleepypets.com/products/comfy-sleepy-pet-cushion?nopreview

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Hi, do you remember where you were clicking specifically when you first encountered this? Was it in the admin somewhere or just on your storefront?


Someone else posted about this recently and Shopify rep responded with a possible solution:

"Deleting the ?nopreview, then refreshing your page doesn't add it back to the domain, so I suspect that you may have obtained this URL after sharing it with social media."



Hope that helps


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Thanks I'll look into it but I do not really know how to fix it even after reading the post. I did share the page on instagram and have the instafeed app installed if you know anything I'll be glad to hear it thanks.