not getting sales in 2019 lots of clicks but any sales

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Hi everyone,

I spent a couple of weeks on dropshipping model. I failed badly on this first store. I have three weeks with facebook ads, influencers and still no money! I took some online courses for Fb ads, designing store and more. I feel like my store are looking good and I'm not converting the traffic into sells.


I make fb ads regularly to try different products, images and usually I have good traffic coming (my last ad had 222 landing out of 1000 reach, which to me is almost 20% click) in and still no sale on my store. Can anybody help me out by sharing their experience? I really, REALLY appreciate it.


Anything that needs fixing, needs changing, is hard to read, missing info, ugly photos, broken links...?

My website:


The page  are design with more focus on mobile devices. I 90% of my traffic are using their phone. 


Please help me with these I can't see whats wrong.

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Hi, nice products.

But my first concern is who are you? There is no about me page. No branding or blog posts telling me why I should buy from you over other stores. It has no real oomph or hype to get me to buy. If that makes sense.  


Nothing about shipping and returns on the main home page. Though I found it on the product page. I had to look again at your website at the top to see free shipping in small print. The shipping page also needs to be more structured. It is difficult to read. No headings and what's the difference between store and market place? Need some clarification.


You also need to add a contact me page, T & C's, privacy policy and GDPR compliant.  


No email sign up for marketing.


Try having recommended product as this can help. 


Also, I wouldn't buy from the UK as no GBP currency. I would not use euros at all.


I found it helpful to read through the posts on "why not selling" on this forum.


All the best Sue