one-page wholesale order form added the my site

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How much would it cost to add a one-page wholesale order form to my theme?


I was looking into apps plan to use apps.

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder - $13 a month.

But found out i also need to purchase another app to apply discount prices to the order form.

Wholesale Pricing Discount - $19.90 a month -


that's $30 a month for the apps. ($360 a year)



This is what i want the form to be. (11 collections, with a dropdown for each category to see each range within.)


Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 1.08.15 pm.png



Can anyone recommend an app that does the job?


or would it be smarter for me to pay a developer to build the form, but i assume this would be to much $$$


Any ideas/solutions welcome.