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can someone give me an opinion of my website http://centricegypt.com/


Hi @mirna,


I've just had a look at your homepage. The main banner images scroll too fast for me to really consume them, and there doesn't appear to be a way to stop them or scroll back to the previous image. That makes for a slightly confusing user experience.


Also, the text across the images is a little difficult to read on my screen. That's partly because it goes all the way across the screen. Something with a shorter width would be easier to quickly consume.


I would look to reduce down the options in the main navigation. Make a more clear path through the website.


The main CTA (call to action) on the page appears to be a brochure download. Is that really ultimately what you want people to do? I would've thought an enquiry for more information (with an email and phone number for the potential client) would be what you really wanted. That should be your primary CTA and everything on the page should support action on that.


Hope that helps - Gareth 

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