pixels not matching

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Hello, I hope that I explain this correctly and can get some help.


It seems as thought I may either have 2 pixels on my shopify store or that I have messed up in putting the proper ad pixel on my store. When I am on my shopify store it shows a certain pixel but then when I go to my FB ads manage account I see a couple different pixels and 2 of them seem to be recording traffic. So when I go to do an Ad I have been choosing Shopify store pixel as that is what I thought but now I am not sure which data is correct for properly running ads and being able to read the data correctly. 


I uploaded 2 screen shots. The first one is of the ads pixel and the second one is of the store pixel. I want to know am I suppose to have both of them up there. It looks as if I am getting data from both but i am a little confused at why I have 2. 


P.S The store pixel is what I normally use to run my ads Screenshot (3).pngScreenshot (4).png