prestige theme issues

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I have had ongoing issues with my presige theme, the latest are hindering me from sales. I am hoping for some insight as I need to get my website back online.
-when I add something to cart it freezes page. Both mobile & desktop.I have to refresh page to un freeze.
-in the cart the quantity changer doesn't work. Doesn't allow changes with the + or -  
-when using discount is showing for kids hat the total to right is 0.00 even though the amount shows 50% off and the total is correct at bottom of page. I have since removed said discount because I can't offer a sale with my website like this. 
-kids products aren't showing up on mobile under shop, but they are visible under shop on desktop. 
I have spent hours and hours on shopify calls and emails these last three weeks with a bunch of issues. I am desperate. I have recently spoken to another guru that says he has contacted the developer but I haven't heard anything. Help.....small voice.