product search not finding items after changes

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After recent changes in the look, filtering, etc of the general product page we have had problems getting this page to find products.  This also seems to have affected our 3rd party apps that search inventory to add items to those apps.  If we use the inventory section under products, et can find these missing items.  This has caused some duplicate entries which led to us finding this issue.  We found multiple entries on the website after someone corrected a missing item on the shopify back end.  We have also found been finding duplicate entries when we duplicate a template item and rename it.  When done we have been finding a partially completed second item of the same name that we have to delete.  Has anyone else noticed these issues that we have been experiencing since the recent updates?  Most of our problems with the system we can mark at beginning when the products page changed design and the filters moved from the left into the bar.  I also had custom filters that were destroyed when that happened but I figured they didn't work with the new layout and functions.