products not showing up in collection page

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Hello, I am having the same issue.  I have main collections and then sub-collections.  Example main collection "TOPS" sub-collection "Sweaters".  On each item I have linked the main collection "Top" and sub-collection "Sweater" for each item if it applies.  When I go to my website and click on "TOP" it only drops down the sub-menu to show "Sweaters" and the other sub categories.  And then when I select "sweaters" from the drop down menu, it is empty.  I am not using any tags and I am entering everything manually.  If you go to my collections, all items show in the collection correctly, but do not show on the website.  All the items are published to all the sells channels as well.  My goal was to click on the main collection and show all the items that apply and if the customer wants to narrow it down, they can by selecting the collection in the sub-menu.  Why is this not working? 

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You will probably have to do what I said in my reply earlier. I think there is a glitch in Shopify where if you do all your set up first, then publish your product it doesnt connect properly and the items cannot be seen. If you do it the other way - publish the item, then add to the collections, it seems to be fine.

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I changed to manual and kept having the same problems as you so I finally
deleted all of my collections and started over with automated. Then
everything worked as long as I had the collection tag on it.