"Stealth" publish blog posts?

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Hi guys!


I schedule various social media posts for our shop's blogs and products, but Pinterest doesn't let me schedule a pin with a URL it can't reach.


For instance, a blog post is scheduled to go "live" at midnight Mountain, but I need to get everything ready to post no later than midnight Eastern. When I put the "hidden"/unpublished blog post's URL in the pin form, though, it says (rightly so) that the URL can't be reached, and I can't schedule the pin.


(We've used apps and third party sites/software to schedule products and blog posts before, and direct scheduling is the current flow I'm working with. Pinterest has a LOT of improvements that can be made, and this is just one of my MANY sticking points with their scheduling functionality, but third party tools don't give me the formatting I need, so here we are.)


Is there an app or something that will let me "stealth" publish blog posts? Something that will make the URL "reachable" before the post shows up in the blog for the public to see?


I think I could hammer out my own code to do this given enough time, but I was just curious if this is something anyone else has wished for, or if such a thing already exists. TIA :)