"This shop is unavailable" screen is not mobile responsive

Shopify Partner
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Hi, when someone enters a 'myshopify.com' URL for a shop that doesn't exist, they are presented with a "This shop is unavailable" screen. On desktop, this screen looks normal and nice, but on mobile, this screen is messy. Probably not your highest priority, but because we are developing a Shopify related iOS app, there are times where this screen will be presented in a web view on an iPhone.


You can see what I mean if you go to: http://zxcv.myshopify.com/ on both an Android and iPhone. On Android, the screen doesn't fit, and on iPhone the layout is also messy (see screenshots). If you use HTTPS instead, the page looks the same on Android and iPhone -- not mobile responsive.


Would be nice to see this screen be enhanced to handle mobile.


android.png    iphone-http.png