"add to cart" button is unavailable/grey until variant is selected.

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I am working on improving the shopping experience on my online store at www.homeandkitchendecor.com. If you go to a product, the "add to cart" button is unavailable until an option/variant is selected. Although I implemented the "make a selection" feature, I do not want to button to be unavailable because at first glace it looks like we are sold out. The button becomes not really visible to the customer, and I don't want that. I would like to have the button still active and if a customer doesn't make a selection, a red notice to appear if they have not selected a variant.


Does anyone know how I can implement these changes?


By the way, I have set my shop pages in a way where the featured photo is shown, when you click a product. Before, it would by default show one of the variants. That's has now changed, which why now I am having this problem with the grey add to cart button, before a variant is selected. 


Hoping someone can help out! Thanks!


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@Gigi02  have you foud the solution ?

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