refund or not...what would you do

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I have been asked for a refund. So many steps to this request....

  1. product bought Nov for Xmas
  2. sent in appropriate time by shipper
  3. returned to shipper beg January
  4. sent again by shipper and I got them to add 2 bonus gifts
  5. buyer had not changed plug selection to US electrical plug and got EU....he lives in Canada
  6. asked him to ship back for replacement.....
  7. he said he had but I felt he had not and this conversation went on for several weeks about tracking no and excuses as to why he could not send the no.
  8. on last reminder from me he has asked for refund
  9.  he still has product which he can buy a converter plug for (possibly has already) and the gifts

What would you do?

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Hey Kaye, 

Trevor the Guru here!

This is definitely a sticky situation, and I can understand why it's tough to decipher what would be the best approach in this case. As a business owner myself and if this were my store, I would be inclined to say no to the refund request and I'll go into why below!

The first thing that comes to mind is whether your customer will try open a dispute against you for the funds. Mastercard requires that you open a dispute within 180 days, and Visa requires you open a dispute within 120 days of the transaction. Given that the transaction took place in November, they are most likely still within this grace period. While you have ample amount of evidence that your customer got their product, this is still something they could attempt so bear that in mind when making your final decision.  

You have performed outstanding customer service at this point by trying to accommodate the customer. You've rectified the shipping issue while offering additional products as an apology, as well as tried to work with your customer to get the proper product swapped out. Mix this with your clear return policy, and the fact that they still have the products, this is primarily why I'd suggest declining the request. 

At this point, you could meet them in the middle and send them a return shipping label and offer a refund on the premise that they return the products that were originally purchased. This ensures that you get your product back, and your customer receives their funds, however outside of this compromise, this customer is more or less being unreasonable. 

I know these types of situations can be frustrating as a business owner, and I can tell you that you're not alone in this as every business owner has come across this at least once. I hope that my insight helps with coming up with the final outcome, however, if you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply back and I'll happily help out!

All the best, 

Trevor M

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Thanks for your comments Trevor.

I had not given thought to the card times.....

I think I will send $10 refund to cover buying plug converters, with his acceptance of the payment being the end of the claim.