scams. shopify at your own risk.

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I have done business with Shopify companies 3 times. 2 thus far have proven to be scams. first was resolved with NO help from Shopify.  Resolved it on my own and got paypal to eliminate their account. the second "company" is JUST starting down that path. MY goal is to make these "companies" have a harder time ripping people off.  The third MAY? MAY NOT? be a scam. yet to be seen. regardless. Shopify doesn't care.  


Shopify at your own risk. I'd say run away. you are not gonna get what you order. 

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Now that the big companies are boycotting advertising on Facebook etc, all that's left are the Chinese scam ads that power their ads through Spotify.  My assumption now is that almost 100% of the ads on these social media platforms are scams which is unfortunate because the genuine ones will never get my business.  More and more people are becoming aware of the scams too.