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Hello everyone,

My store has been up and running for a month now but no sales, I know I're saying, "here is another one".  But seriously, I can get the traffic..I just cant make the sale and I know it has to do with the layout of my page and a lack of call to action buttons just to name a few.  

I have gotten some good feedback from this forum before and it helped alot but what I realised is I lack the skills to implement the suggestions and I dont have the time to sort out what is important to learn and what is just extra sugar on top. I would really like to connect with someone who would consider working with me and mentoring me.  Now with that said, I am not a taker and dont intend for this exchange to be onesided.  I would like it to be mutually beneficial in one way or another.  Im open and I would really like to meet my goal.  

If there is anyone out there that would be willing to connect with me I would be forever grateful. 

Thanks so much for reading!

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Hello, Expert Shopify developer here :)

Examined your website its pretty good, but there are few things that I've noticed in your site is missing in. Also, there are some great suggestions for your site that might help you in increasing your sales graph ahead.

You can connect me further via mail -

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I've just had a brief look at your website and whilst I'm no expert there are a few things that I would add.

  • Have you got a sharper logo as it's slightly blurred?
  • There is a search box at the top and then also at the bottom. Best to keep the one at the top but make it more prominent and also add the word 'search' and then remove the one at the bottom.
  • It would be great to add some pages for example add an 'About us' page where you put a little bit of infomation about your company and what you offer. Set up a 'blog' page where you can regulary add a blog perhaps talking/showcasing some of your new items. FAQ's page is also another good one.
  • There doesn't appear to be any information about delivery other than the bar at the top or terms and conditions - again those are other pages that many potential customers will want to see on a website.
  • Perhaps add a menu to either the top or side of your website so potential customers can see the different products you offer and can easily navigate.
  • If you can set up some social media pages for your company (and regularly post and add pictures etc) : Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and then have the icons displayed on your website so when you click on them it takes you to your social media pages. By being active on social media you should get some traffic.
  • Perhaps specifiy what payments you accept

Many of these suggestions can be easily implemented and Shopify has a lot of help pages to enable us to do this. If you go onto your admin page and work down from 'home' and explore all the settings there are lots of choices there for setting up pages, showing payment icons , setting shipping rates etc and if you get stuck just search the helpcentre as they have step by step guides. Just work through it, it will take time but it will be worth it.

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Ok sorry to be harsh but I think a lot of people need a reality check. What's worse is shopify experts and other people are selling a lot people pipe dreams when it comes to feedback. Look your website is horrible from start to finish. You can not just go to aliexpress find a few untested products throw them on a Shopify and expect to make a sale. I mean look at other successful clothing line sites and look at yours. You don't have any social media, no about us, no branding, no real logo, horrible stock photos, minimal shipping info, no contact info, no blog. Have you tested the market to see if  there is even a need for your service? Have you actual even tried a single piece of clothing on your store to see if it's even worth the buy? Probably not. See that's the problem and you store will never make you any money. Personally I feel you should you pull your store down go find a real problem solve it and then put the effort into making a real site. Honest question would you buy from your store? If the answer is yes you're a brace soul buying from a place you can't even contact if your product never shows lol. Sorry if I hurt your feeling not my intention but you need to be ready to put in some real work to make money. 

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I know exactly how you feel in your frustration with acquiring traffic. We all go through this in the beginning. I started my own Shopify e-commerce site 5 years ago and experienced the very same thing. I tried organically and I tried paid search. Initially, I wasted hundreds of dollars a week on Google AdWords because I had no clue what I was doing. Everyone who said they could help me with SEO was far too expensive for me at that time.

Since I sold pretty High Ticket items like HDTVs and computers I was able to afford to run through the necessary trial and error with AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter ads to slowly gain an understanding of how it all worked.

There are two ways of attracting traffic to your site _
Organically - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Ads - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  

If you allow me to have a look at your site, I will gladly do a free audit and give you specific insights to help you improve your current situation.

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Okay, your site needs a lot of work. I do dropshipping via Aliexpress too and have been able to make sales. 

It's going to take you some time to generate sales. I did it for 3 months before I saw good traction. I did a lot of tracking and spent a lot of money trying out different things. 

1) you need to redo all those images. The logos from AliExpress should be cropped out. It also looks poor quality (low-res) and it's a mish-mash of different styles of photos. Try to go with a theme. It looks a bit disorganized.

2) Write descriptions about your product. Don't just leave the AliExpress info there. How is that useful for anyone wanting to know more about the product?

3) Unique products. Honestly, this stuff look cheap and you can find it at F21 or any other fast fashion retailer. Why should I buy from you? What is your brand and your story? What are you criterias for curating products? Do you know fashion market trends? Having LESS products is sometimes better.

4) Fashion does best on Instagram. Do you have one? The clothes will look better if you got bloggers to wear the stuff instead of using blurry stock images. 

5) Get rid of that app that does the pop-ups of "SOMEONE JUST BOUGHT". It's junky and gives customers a terrible user experience. Those only work on time sensitive or limited edition products like travel packages. 

All the best.