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My website went live 2 days ago, now a shopify guru got rid of the add to cart on my website and replaced it with view on amazon,

This is fine by me, however I know that 4 people have bought something from my site, i have nowhere to check this? evrything says £0.00 ! in analytics. Plus does the little  'sale' button show as red when something has been purchased?

I would appreciate some feedback on this thank you.

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This is an accepted solution.

Since the sales happen off Shopify they don't have a way to calculate your sales.


You can check this in your Amazon affiliate account though. If you haven't set one up yet I'd do that, you'll get a commission on each sale you refer + you can track your clicks and conversions.


If the products you're linking to are your own products, you could also connect Amazon FBA with Shopify so that the person buys on your store, then Amazon FBA fulfills the order (saving you the fee you pay for amazon sales).

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