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There are a few things I am looking for help with:

1) designing a custom side-bar menu. I would like some part of it to be a drop-down, and some part to be an open menu where customers could see all the menu items at a glance without using the drop-down. The categories should be bolded and the rest are normal. The space between the menu items would be smaller and without the lines.

Drop-down to keep from current theme: All womenswear, Menswear, Accessories. then Sale, then a space in between these and the non-drop downs. Non-drop downs (open menu): Designers

I have attached a screenshot of what it would look like:


2) Have the product items rotate each time a customer visits the pages: all womenswear, all clothing, all menswear, all accessories, sale, and all designers.

3) add Instagram logo in the footer where it currently says "follow us" Please let me know if you could help with any of these.