sold products not showing

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we are working on a site that sells unique rings and other jewelry, and we like to show a "Collection" of those that Recently Sold.

So we created a collection to show only items where inventory is less than quantity 1, and this worked since it was setup initially, and ran for a long time without any issues, but something happened, and no longer does our shopify account displays the sold items..

Is there a setting that hides (and doesn't show) all products that have quantity 0 or less?

we tried a lot of things to get it working again, but i think we are missing something. 

we set the item to continue to sell after no stock, but that allows people to purchase the item again, except it's unique so obviously we cannot have this option on..

phrased differently, we just want to show all the products that we've previously sold, and is no longer available for purchase, but we want people to see all the previously purchased jewelry from our site.. 

does anyone out there know what we are talking about?

to show the collection.. it seems to properly show all the items that fit in the category.. but yet on the page, it shows up blank..