specify width/height of main photo showing in collection page.

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I need to specify width and height of the main photo showing in collection page.  I would like them to be same ratio or pixel.  I don't want to edit the actual photos to be smaller, i just want them showing as smaller when being viewed in the collection page by visitors to my site.  Kind of like ebay or amazon... the iconic image is small next to the product title, but when you click on the photo it opens up the product page and the photos associated with that product still remains high resolution.   I am new to html coding but i know there's a way to set the iconic image shown in collection page.  For example i just want the iconic images to be enclosed in a 400x400 size.  Any help will do.collectionpage1.jpgthis is my site - the iconic images are not proportioned - some big some smallcollectionpage-ebay.jpgebay's category/collection page - iconic images are proportioned with certain width height



Please share your site url so that i can check and let you know.

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