stock levels not adding up?

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My staff and myself are having the ongoing problem of stock not matching up? Inventory says we have certain products in-stock on my site/pos but when product is brought online or in-store it says stock available, but stock is temporally out of stock and nothing to send. So inventory levels are not correct and having to do manual stocktakes often.

And before you ask 'No staff are not removing or stealing stock' very trusted staff and have alot of cameras. 

Does anyone else have a similar problem? Have tried dealing with Shopify but they cant seem to find any problems.

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@vendetta2 ,

Basic questions, hope you have set the inventory policy correctly and inventory is being tracked by Shopify? How many locations did you configure?


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To add to what Propero suggested, here's a screenshot of those two important settings on an individual variant page:

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 4.09.20 PM.png

We've seen this happen quite a few times with merchants since the settings can be hard to find.

I'll also throw in a helpful app for performing stocktakes, that can also help you figure out where the inventory might be going with a history log and shrinkage report.

Cohub Inventory 

I'm one of the developers of that app and we made it for exactly the kind of situation you're encountering.


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