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I've seen MULTIPLE posts on this forum about this issue, but it seems that it's still continuing to happen. I've made two shopify stores, and both of my stores, right after adding my credit card, they never fail to bring me to this screen, where I just can't do anything to interact with my site. I've chatted with support, they told me I would recieve an email back about it, a week later, still never have. I've emailed support two times about it, neither have received a response; and for all I know, with my first store, I might still end up getting charged for absolutely nothing. The sites don't work, I can't do anything with them. Mind me being rude, I'm sorry, but I'm just getting very impatient as ALL I want to do is start up a shopify site, but it seems nothing I do will change this issue. this is what i see.this is what i see.

Please someone help, it shouldn't be hard to make the POINT of your service functional. I would VERY highly appreciate it if I can get my sites to work. My ticket number is "18161278" if you need it, and my site URL is inside the screenshot above.