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Hi, hope you are fine. Can you please tell me that does the shopify support the following features. 

  • Support multiple vendors
  • Items unavailable based on time
  • search item by vendor
  • Items based on location
  • Search by vendors
  • Live data communication with client and admin
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Hi @adeel-ahmad,

Thank you for reaching out with your questions and welcome to the Shopify Community! I've included my replies to your questions below for you. 


Support multiple vendors

I believe you are referring to whether or not Shopify can support multi-vendor marketplaces. While Shopify as a platform is not natively designed as a multi vendor marketplace (Like Etsy and Amazon as examples) this is something that can be supported using custom coding or third party apps. There is a very popular app in the Shopify App Store that many of our multi vendor merchants like to utilize: Multi Vendor Marketplace App.

Items unavailable based on time

Having items set to a timer so that after being live for a certain amount of time they are then marked as unavailable or sold out is also not a feature natively supported, although I can definitely appreciate why this would be beneficial!

At this time I am not familiar personally with any apps that can support this that are part of our app store, but this is something that a custom app could create for you. I would recommend placing a job posting in our Shopify Expert Marketplace so that an app developer can assist you in creating that function. 

Search item by vendor and Search by vendor

Searching and filtering your products by keywords, tags, vendor, etc is fully supported by the Shopify platform. When creating products you can add custom tags to the products that can then be turned into custom search filters for your customers. While most themes in the Shopify theme store have basic filtering options available, you may want to look at a more robust menu included in a paid theme or through a menu app like Smart Product Filtering by Globo

Items based on location

This is a feature that would be very difficult to integrate using a single store. While you can limit product availability at the checkout based on address on customer location, having products automatically hidden based on customer location is much more difficult. I am not sure how this would be integrated, or if it is something that could be enabled. 

Live data communication with client and admin

For this, are you referring to being able to alert vendors when an item they provided has been purchased? Yes, this can be done and if the vendor is setup for it you can enable notifications through email right away once an item of theirs has been paid for. You can learn more about this option in our Help Center.

Please feel free to let me know if I interpreted your questions incorrectly or if you have any additional questions I can help you with. 


Shay | Support Advisor @ Shopify 
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Hi, thanks for the timely response. 
I believe that i did not clearly elaborated our requirements

the app we are trying to bulid is like foodpanda 
where the restaurants are search based on user location (which can be inputted by html form)

furthermore we also have to provide live location for logged in user of their deliverables ie where their order is currently,
we also need a functionality where end user can chat with their vendors. Like customer can chat with vendor about the product in realtime

Though i get that we need to build an application for most of these features, so my question is that are these features easily doable with the help of custom application?