the cost of return shipping.

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Hi. Everyone. 

I am trying to send a return label today and I found the shipping cost is totally different from our vendor. Actually, the vendor charged $4.00 for the shipping for one leggings but I found Shopify is charging me $7.7 for the same product. Is it normal?  Even if I have the contract with USPS, I can get 20% off, $6.2. But Still a lot different. 

Don't Shopify have the power to reduce the return cost? 

And I tried to find out another package option like ground shipping to reduce the return cost but I didn't find it.  Only priority mail option. 
Do you have any ideas? 

Another one.  
One day Shopify charged the customer $4.9 for the shipping cost for 2 t-shirts but the printing factory charged me $6.9 for it. Who is responsible for the difference, $2.0?
How can I fix it? Every time do I need to struggle with this? My vendor was printify.